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when you can’t hear what someone says and they repeat it 98 times and you’re still like


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Tree Tutorial v1








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Ty my lovely msaeroleppard for finding this omg

-woops, i didnt mean to trip/rape ya man-

Let me explain you a thing! Cultural apropriation is, for example, when someone dresses up in a kimono from party city and go to Asian people and tell them "hey, look! I'm a geisha!" It's taking something from someone's culture in an offensive way

I totally get that, and that’s what I answered the anon yesterday.

In my opinion, as long as you don’t offend anyone by doing the “appropriation”, I don’t see why you shouldn’t be allowed to do it.

In fact, I think it’s a compliment when people do it (for the right reasons) Like for example, you wearing lolita. You like it that much, so no one should tell you that you shouldn’t. 

I'm not even going anon as I don't think I should hide the fact that I disagree wholeheartedly with the term cultural appropriation. It is something that has irked me for a while now all this whining about you can't do this can't do that. It's ridiculous. I'm with you. I don't even consider the term to be real. Most of what people are complaining about stems from the development of travel and what is termed 'commodification'. Still present today. (sorry for the long ask.. cont)

I completely agree with you, and I’m glad to see more people not be butt hurt with stuff like this that is pretty insignificant compared to so many others in the world that hurt and bother people way more.

I always remember this when  someone mentions cultural appropriation.

Also, around the world there are a lot of said traditions in various countries that are so similar or even the same, so one could argue about whose tradition it really is, and then someone would be in the wrong apparently.

I don’t wanna be a bore, so I’m stop writing now, and thank you for your messages! :)

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Your tags under the “cultural appropriation” post YES YES YES!! The other day I saw someone's answer to a message telling them to stop speaking English because it's not their first language, and that's just... ARE YOU SERIOUS RIGHT NOW?? The answer was similar to the confined spaces you mentioned, and, I mean, sure, where do we draw the line? But language? Seriously, language?? I think it's good that there's a shift of attention, but sometimes people see things too harsh. *pats your shoulder* ;)


It happens everywhere and with everything, but there are always people willing to go the extra mile to bring negative attention to something that doesn’t bother anybody else and that doesn’t hurt anyone.

So what if I wanna speak 20 different languages and eat food from 30 different countries, how does that affect anyone negatively? People just need to get over their own pettiness and shut up.

Thanks for the pat on the shoulder! ;)

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The Museum of Icelandic Sorcery & Witchcraft houses the only known intact pair of necropants, a beyond-disturbing item popularly used for purposes of traditional magic in seventeenth century Iceland. To make your own (and thus reap good fortune), strike a deal with a friend than whoever dies first will allow the other wear the lower half of their corpse as a pair of pants, day and night:

If you want to make your own necropants (literally; nábrók) you have to get permission from a living man to use his skin after his death.

After he has been buried you must dig up his body and flay the skin of the corpse in one piece from the waist down. As soon as you step into the pants they will stick to your own skin.

A coin must be stolen from a poor widow and placed in the scrotum along with the magical sign, nábrókarstafur, written on a piece of paper. Consequently the coin will draw money into the scrotum so it will never be empty, as long as the original coin is not removed.

To ensure salvation the owner has to convince someone else to overtake the pants and step into each leg as soon as he gets out of it. The necropants will thus keep the money-gathering nature for generations.

Im scratching my head??? Like it made sense up until the coin scroat part………….

i’m fucking dying. i want a scrotum that attracts money

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This movie is so fun and colorful! I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would, the music is spot on. And I really like the relationship between Groot and Rocket, he’s like a proud papa raccoon ahahaha 8’))))))

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